As much as I wish I could be available 24/7, it just isn't possible. I still want you guys to have a GREAT time, so I have partnered with a wonderful phone sex affiliate to provide you with the kind of HOT PHONE FUN you are used to with me!

This service works a little differently than calling me directly. When I am not available, your call will be automatically forwarded to my backup service. If you already have an account with the service, Press 1. They will then prompt you for your account number. This is not the same as your credit card number. Once you set up an account, they will give you an account number (so you will not have to enter your credit card information again unless it changes). New callers will press 2 to set up their account.

You will have a number of categories/fetishes in which to choose from... everything from nice to NAUGHTY! If you have an extension number for a girl you enjoyed speaking to previously, you can enter it to see if she is available. If the girl you are presently speaking to is not EXACTLY what you are looking for, you can always press the star key (*) and you will be transferred to a different girl! Your satisfaction is very important to me!

All calls with this service are still only $1.75 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum). There are NO connection fees or hidden costs!

Of course, you are under NO OBLIGATION to use my backup service, but if you happen to find yourself SUPER FUCKING HORNY and I'm not around... you may just want to give it a try!

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